Scholars point to the year 1789 as the beginning of modernism, that is, the start of modern scientific approaches to the study of Scripture, called The Enlightenment. Some now identify 1989—200 years later—as the beginning of post-modernity. Modernity and Post-modernity involve much more than just religion, but they may be useful labels to understand basic human worldviews. The first contends that truth is objective and can be known. The last asserts that truth must be experienced in order to be known.  

Hope of Prophecy Encounter (H.O.P.E.) University is a bold attempt to merge these two concepts that most would consider incompatible. Bible prophecy follows objective patterns of truth which can be discovered and understood, but such truth must be personally encountered and assimilated in order for the richness of God’s Word to make a difference in a person’s life.  

The truth of God’s Word becomes life-transforming when it becomes one’s own. This, and this only, produces true and lasting hope.  

As you study God’s Word, may you become all God intended for you to be.  

God bless you.